10 March 2011

Super size me!

The popular phrase, "You are what you eat!" is beginning to drastically alter our perceived notion of reality. America is arguably the fattest country to date. We are becoming a super-sized nation; everything from waste sizes, meal portions, and anything in-between. What's next...super-sizing kid's meals?! Oh no...heaven forbid! We live in a time where America's children will be the first generation that won't outlive their parents; a time where these ever-increasing obesity trends will result in the entire nation having a severe case of diabetes. It's time to realize what we are up against. March is National Nutrition month. It's a time to address the real underlying problem...the countless social problems that influence each of us several hundred times a day to eat. What we eat matters!....it matters physiologically, environmentally, individually....but it also matters politically. What we eat determines who can exploit us for the biggest fiscal profit. If we don't stand up for and address the underlying social/political issues then we won't have any say-so in what goes on the shelves and essentially what we put in our mouths. This nation was founded upon the principle of freedom and having God-given rights that we can exercise anywhere and anytime, and if we can't believe in those then we will be like the cow to the slaughter; controlled, manipulated and exploited. It matters what we eat; how much of it we eat and when we eat. We are free agents to act according to the dictates of our own conscience; so let us act in defiance against the social factors that are contributing to this rise in obesity and start making a change today!

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