11 March 2011

Nip it in the butt

Prevention is the key! An interesting correlation exists between insurance companies and obesity.

There are currently 50.7 million uninsured American's; the total population is roughly 300 million. You do the math! Now there are many problems with this! We have a bunch of greedy people that don't want to sacrifice higher wages, quality of care, access to whatever care they want and whenever they want it for a universalized health care system. I have yet to meet anyone that is willing to take less; willing to compromise for the benefits of universal health care; nor willing to get paid less. Until we as American's reach that point, we are simply "nibbling around the edges." This poses great risks for those that are uninsured; the inability to find affordable health insurance that covers their needs as well as their families.

The insurance companies are businesses; they make a profit when their clients don't use their policy and file no claim; on the other hand they define it as a "loss" when clients report a claim.  An affordable insurance policy is hard to find these days, even harder to find, one that insures those with pre-existing conditions!

I mentioned yesterday that America is the fattest country to date, there is roughly 66% of American's that are defined as being overweight or obese. That means having a BMI anywhere from 25-39. What's also disturbing is what obesity can cause: high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, Coronary Artery Disease, stroke, sleep apnea, hypertension, Coronary Heart Disease (#1 Killer), and a host of other physical impairments such as: fat fingers, a butterball effect, cankles, double chins, a front butt, and other serious enlargements. If this doesn't deter you from getting obese...nothing will!...not even liposuction (the majority of the people gain their weight back within the first year). Obesity shouldn't be taken lightly, it's a chronic condition that suffocates your organs and decreases your chance at a healthy life.

This is problematic because everyone has a right to a healthy life...it's not your fault you're fat...well...kinda ...but it doesn't help that insurance companies don't provide access to health insurance for pre-existing conditions at an affordable price. Now the way that I look at is this; if 66% of American's are overweight/obese and 50.7 million uninsured American's then that means that if obesity continues at this alarming rate each year (which since 1985 it hasn't declined) and if America doesn't find a solution to insure people then we as a country will face a predicament: there are going to be millions of obese people that won't have access to health care. A nightmare for the insurance companies (no client=no profit, and pre-existing conditions=no client...make sense?) And to make matters worse, the 3rd leading cause of death in America is medical error. We now face yet another problem, we have uninsured obese patients that have no access to health care because of their pre-existing chronic health conditions that are under the scalpel of doctor's that can't adequately save our lives, and now even more will fall victim of the scalpel (because obesity won't decrease and there will be more patients to be treated)...oh, did I mention that the majority of this percentage is poor?...so what is to be done?!

Prevention is the key! Insurance companies want you to be healthy and file no claims so that they can profit as a business. If you stay healthy then you steer clear of the Top 3 Killers of American's (CHD, Cancer, Medical Error). You subsequently steer clear of all the adverse side effects of obesity; you therefore find an affordable health insurance that covers you and your families needs, and you avoid being a nightmare! It matters what you put in your mouth; and if you can practice self-control and choose an apple over an apple fritter and decide now that you won't even nibble around the edges and steer clear of what your body innately tells you is bad in the first place then you won't have to deal with any of the previously mentioned life-altering problems. This will allow you to: live a healthy life, educate those around you, and address the social factors that contribute to obesity. I believe we will prevent the number one most preventable cause of death from growing into an alarming epidemic that will soon be utterly unstoppable!

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